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Do you want more leads?

Do you want to turn those leads into sales?

Do you want to speed up the sales process?

You can, if you hire a copywriter who understands your customer.

Your marketing message needs to be built on the “Two Pillars of Persuasion” to be effective.  That’s what I use to create every marketing project from emails to case studies to website copy.  With over three decades in the water and wastewater field, I have a unique perspective of your market that you won’t find in any other copywriter.

Most marketers focus their efforts solely on persuading engineers.  While engineers should not be left out of the conversation, other disciplines need to have their needs addressed as well.  These groups include the operations staff, the maintenance staff, the IT staff and management.  I craft marketing pieces that focus on a primary audience but also address the challenges, needs and interests of secondary audiences as well.

My 33 years of experience in the water and wastewater field give me the insight to tailor your message so it addresses the concerns of your market. By crafting compelling, persuasive copy your marketing efforts will reach across all disciplines to pave the way to increased sales.  

Gregg Protenic

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